It is the depths of the Middle Ages, the era of the Crusades…

A time of expansion for both populations and empires, the Universal Church is committed to laying claim to the Holy Land…

The legendary Knights Templar gallantly answer the call, deploying their talents for war as an invaluable resource for Rome…

First issue available now!

The drawn legend of the Crusades begins here!

As the Universal Church tries to lay claim to the Holy Land, the Knights Templar are Rome’s agents on the ground protecting traveling pilgrims and battling the Saracens … all the while harboring in their midst a power they can’t fully understand!

12-page black & “white” (interiors are on ivory paper) comic w/full-color cover; 6.75×10.25″ trim.

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Dale and Brad were featured guests on Lin Workman’s “Drawing Funny” podcast; you can listen to their episode here.

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